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Veniam turns your car into a hotspot, puts your car data into the cloud, and builds a network between vehicles that can be leveraged for business, safety, and entertainment purposes. We have a world-class team, proprietary and protected technology, a unique and robust testbed, design wins with first costumers, and a drive to change the face of mobile networking. Veniam is game changing, and just in time.



Veniam’s networking technology is currently deployed in the world’s largest mesh-connected fleet.


Our communications software and hardware can be installed in every existing vehicle, offers WiFi offloading capabilities, provides seamless low-cost connectivity, and will soon help catalyze the birth of a new market for car apps that can take advantage of the unique properties of a Veniam-enabled vehicle-to-vehicle (v2v) mesh network. As active nodes in the wireless backhaul supporting mobile Internet access, vehicles connected through Veniam’s products can leverage the unique capabilities of our car-to-car networking technologies to bring a 10x improvement to the reach and a 100x increase in the urban area coverage of conventional WiFi hotspots.


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Veniam designs, develops and deploys vehicular networks. Our high-performance networking software runs on Veniam’s communication boxes, which can connect vehicles and fleets not just to the cellular network and existing WiFi hotspots, but also to other vehicles and roadside units using the new IEEE 802.11p standard. This allows vehicles and network operators to use effectively the 5.9 GHz frequency band, which the US, the EU and other governments have reserved for intelligent transportation systems.


Using advanced simulation software, we are able to deliver detailed studies on the expected quality of service, bandwidth, latency and coverage for different cities, vehicle densities and traffic scenarios. This allows institutions and corporations to plan vehicular network deployments for optimum performance.


Veniam’s cloud based network management solution give our clients the ability to monitor and assess  network connectivity in all vehicles, while they connect to each other and to the Internet.

Vehicular Networking Software
Mesh Connected BusVeniam owns and commercializes self-configuring network architectures and communication protocols for connected vehicles and vehicular mesh networks. Our technology builds on the IEEE 802.11p standard for intelligent transportation systems, adding a smart connection manager that can choose the best available wireless link (WiFi, cellular or vehicle mesh), geographic routing protocols that use the vehicle positions to choose the best next hop, IP mobility solutions that ensure that sessions persist over multiple handoffs, and congestion control in crowded spaces, among other technologies.
Vehicle Box and Roadside Units
Veniam Box on the FloorThe Veniam Box endows vehicles with multi-network communication capabilities, supporting both vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication. Using IEEE 802.11p, IEEE 802.11g and GPRS/UMTS, the Veniam Box connects vehicles and their occupants to each other and to the best available Internet gateway. Our robust devices have been deployed and tested in private vehicles, taxis (in collaboration with Geolink and Raditaxis), buses (with STCP) and large trucks in rough environments. Installation is simple and convenient. In a slightly different configuration, the Veniam Box operates as a roadside unit (or wireless router) connecting passing vehicles to the fixed network infrastructure via IEEE 802.11p wireless links.
Cloud-based Network Management
Screen Shot 2013-10-06 at 8.48.25 PM_clipped_rev_1 Veniam’s scalable network management platform operates from the cloud, allowing network and fleet operators to deploy and update the firmware remotely (either in real-time or in a delay-tolerant fashion). Each on-board units sends periodic monitoring messages and can be queried or configured directly from the cloud.
Wireless Security
Veniam’s networking solutions adhere to the strongest security standards, offering cyber-security solutions for connected vehicles, end-to-end authentication and encryption for sensitive data, and support for vehicle anonymity and user privacy.
M2M and Big Data
Data sampling rates Porto Veniam’s communication box can gather large amounts of “big data” from in-built sensors, external WiFi enabled sensing units, and the OBD2 port that exists in many vehicles. With Veniam’s M2M software the communications box is able to decide locally if a piece of data must be transmitted in near real-time (e.g. the position of a taxi or limousine) or can be stored and sent later with lower cost. Depending on the use case, the box can process the data before it leaves the car, thereby providing the right granularity and sampling rates for each individual application.




With 5 kms of docks serving more than 3000 ships per year, Leixões harbor is the largest sea port in Northern Portugal and one of the country’s most relevant infrastructures for international commerce. In cooperation with its partner universities (Aveiro and Porto), Veniam deployed a vehicular mesh network that connects all 25 container carrying trucks to each other and to the optical backbone of the port administration via 5 roadside units. Maritime vessels, such as tow boats, are also to be connected with Veniam devices, allowing pilots to save time by filing reports via the Internet while still on the water. By gathering real-time information on the position, speed, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions of the vehicles, the Veniam mesh allows the port operator to improve the coordination of the ship loading processes and increase the throughput of the harbor.

City Bus with AppsSociedade de Transportes Colectivos do Porto (STCP) is the mass transportation authority in Porto, Portugal. Its public bus fleet comprises 477 vehicles, of which 312 are now equipped with Veniam’s communication boxes. The main goals are (a) to turn each bus into a WiFi hotspot offering free Internet access to passengers, (b) to take advantage of the offload capabilities of Veniam’s technology, © to support the operations of the public bus company, and (d) to collect large quantities of data from the on-board sensors along the bus route. This deployment was carried out in cooperation with Veniam’s university partners, Universidade do Porto, Universidade de Aveiro and Instituto de Telecomunicações.
Taxis in PortoRaditáxis are the largest taxi cooperative in Porto, Portugal. Their fleet includes 465 vehicles, of which 147 are currently equipped with Veniam boxes. In cooperation with Geolink, Raditáxis, Universidade do Porto, Universidade de Aveiro and Instituto de Telecomunicações, Veniam is using this testbed to demonstrate how its vehicular mesh networking technology can improve network coverage, increase the available bandwidth and support advanced applications such as digital dispatching, collaborative navigation and content distribution for taxis.


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