An internet of moving things

About Veniam

Veniam turns vehicles into WiFi hotspots.

We build and operate city-scale vehicular networks that expand wireless coverage and collect terabytes of urban data.

In controlled spaces with many vehicles and moving machines, such as ports and container terminals, Veniam's game-changing solutions ensure that all mobile workers and assets are securely connected, no matter where they are or at what speed they are moving.

connected vehicles.

1 BILLION vehicles connected to the Internet
and to each other.


Vehicular Networking Software


Vehicular Networks

Veniam owns and commercializes self-configuring network systems and communication protocols that connect vehicles to each other and to the Internet seamlessly in a heterogeneous networking environment.

Our on-board units endow vehicles with multi-purpose multi-network capabilities, supporting both vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication using WiFi and cellular. NetRider devices have been deployed and tested in private vehicles, taxis, buses and large trucks in rough environments. Installation is simple and convenient. In a different configuration, NetRider units operate as roadside units and wireless routers.

Veniam designs, develops and deploys large-scale vehicular networks. Our high-performance networking software and NetRider Boxes enable vehicles and fleets to form a wireless mesh, offload cellular traffic and ensure the widest possible coverage at the lowest possible cost.

Cloud network management

Security for connected vehicles

M2M and Big Data

Veniam’s scalable network management platform operates from the cloud, allowing us to deploy and update our networking software remotely - both in real-time and in a delay-tolerant fashion. This means that our products continue to improve even after network deployment.

Veniam’s networking solutions adhere to the strongest security standards, offering cyber-security solutions for connected vehicles, anomaly detection, end-to-end authentication and encryption for sensitive data, and support for vehicle anonymity and user privacy.

Our vehicular networks gather massive amounts of “big data” from in-built sensors, external WiFi enabled sensing units, and the OBD2 port that exists today in many vehicles. Depending on the use case, the onboard unit processes the data before it leaves the vehicle, thereby providing the right granularity and sampling rates for each individual application.



From free WiFi in public buses to connected waste collection, Veniam's vehicular networking solutions support a wide range of smart city applications.

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In controlled spaces with many vehicles, such as sea ports and airports, Veniam's unique vehicular mesh networking solution expands the wireless coverage of enterprise WiFi networks, thereby enabling real-time communication with truck drivers and other mobile employees without the need for SIM cards or cellular fees.

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